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Health & Wellness Consultation

This consultation includes an initial appointment and follow-up naturopathic health and wellness consultation. During these sessions, information will be gathered about your current state of health, your health history, the symptoms you are dealing with, your diet and lifestyle and much more. Using this information, recommendations will be made to support and stimulate your body's natural healing ability. Recommendations will be made for using supplements, botanical medicine, homeopathy, whole-foods, and lifestyle that support and stimulate the body toward optimal health.

NOTE: This does not replace the care of a primary-care physician (PCP). There is no diagnosis of conditions or illnesses with this consultation it is simply to provide guidance in supporting the body's health naturally.

Call for more information and to schedule an appointment. Upon request, you will be sent the appropriate forms to fill out prior to your first appointment. Thank you!

Patrick Healey, N.D.

Phone: (503) 482-8639

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