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Health and Wellness Consultations

This consultation includes an initial appointment and follow-up naturopathic health and wellness consultation. During these sessions, information will be gathered about your current state of health, your health history, the symptoms you are dealing with, your diet and lifestyle and much more. Using this information, recommendations will be made to support and stimulate your body's natural healing ability. Recommendations will be made for using supplements, botanical medicine, homeopathy, whole-foods, and lifestyle that support and stimulate the body toward optimal health.


NOTE: This does not replace the care of a primary-care physician (PCP). There is no diagnosis of conditions or illnesses with this consultation it is simply to provide guidance in supporting the body's health naturally.

Fill out the new client intake forms located to the right and then call to schedule an appointment. You will be contacted regarding the next steps. Thank you!

Patrick Healey, N.D.

Phone: (503) 482-8639

Nutritional Supplements Consultation

Confused about supplements? Not sure which ones are quality or why you should or should not be taking them? Then this consultation is for you! This consultation is designed to walk you through what to look for in a quality supplement and why you might need to supplement.

What you get:

  1. Learn the philosophy behind how supplementation can be helpful and how to do it successfully.

  2. Options to consider regarding quality supplementation that is geared toward your health goals

  3. 30 minute video consultation to discuss your supplements and concerns

  4. A written report on each of the supplements/nutrients you are taking or wanting to take and why they may or may not be beneficial for your body


Simply fill out the questionnaire and send it in via the secure messaging below and you will then be contacted to schedule a consultation.

You’ll be asked some basic health and supplement questions and asked to list in detail the supplements you are taking and why. This is important to do with as much detail as possible so that Patrick Healey, N.D. can review and assess your specific products (when possible) prior to scheduled consultation. You will need an active email address and computer or phone with video capability. Be sure you have this capability before purchasing the consultation.

Note: This consultation is not meant as a replacement for your naturopathic doctor or integrative healthcare practitioner and is not to get a diagnosis or treatment for any of your conditions. This is meant as an educational consult in helping you navigate the confusing world of supplements and health store products. If you want a more in-depth consultation purchase the Naturopathic Consultation Package (add link).

Cost: $99

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